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While you are visiting websites of company Management Training & Coaching s.r.o. you will automatically get one (or more) file/s cookies into your computer, which are used to especially increase yours comfort and optimal provision our services.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small texts files which contain a negligible amount of information’s (letters and numbers) Which are stored into your device while you are visiting websites. They are especially useful because they allow websites to recognize a web browser or device which is user using.

How Management Training & Coaching s.r.o. use cookies?

On the websites of Management Training & Coaching s.r.o. cookies are set by us or third parties (subjects, with which we have a signed contract). So-called relational and permanent files which are using. Relative cookies are files of cookies, which are after end of session permanently deleted. Reversely permanent cookies are stored in your computer, until ends of their valines (maximum 2 years), or they are deleted by you from computer. Files allows to our company recognize yours repeated visit.

Distribution used files of cookies on websites company Management Training & Coaching s.r.o.

Sharing Cookies used on Management Training & Coaching s.r.o. Cookie effect of use and supplementary information’s
Optimization   These files allow to track anonymous users data (for example trends in clicking) and it provision in the long term functional and trouble-free website for all users of web.
Advertising The website of Management Training & Coaching s.r.o. you are trying to offer an ad that is relevant to you through AdSense. This kind of advertising is mediated by Google using your Inert behaviour (only anonymous statistical data, not personal information). External advertisers can also use cookies only to try to show only relevant ads for you.
Analytical These files are used to understand how visitors to our site use and access the site. They can be optimized for users needed to make them as user-friendly as possible.
Performance Important for the proper functioning of the website, improving the user experience. They will help us remember your preferences, so we can make your next visit more comfortable and easier finding.
Necessarily Necessarily cookies are used for the proper functioning of websites, they remember your choices and other information’s, so you don’t have to re-enter this information’s anymore.

Disagreement Abd removal of cookies

In case of u want to refuse or delete all files of cookies, u can do it in your browser. Refusing files of cookies will have negative action on accessibility not even our web, but all others. We recemented for your user’s comfort allow files of cookies while you are visiting websites of our company.
In case of u are interested in getting more information of files of cookies, which we are using, contact us please on email:


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